Tulip Farms in NC

Best Tulips Farms in NC Near You

Did you know you could visit tulip farms in North Carolina? Don’t worry about having to fly all the way to Amsterdam when NC has tons of tulip fields to frolic in! In this guide, explore some of the best tulip farms and farms to visit near you in NC this Spring!

Tulip farms in NC

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Dewberry Farms

One of the best tulip farms in NC is right at Dewberry Farm. This past Spring, they planted over 100,000 tulips, so we are expecting the 2023 spring to be nothing short of amazing.

Aside from taking photos at one of their many photo props, you can pick the tulips by the stem, or even dig up the bulb to plant at home in your garden. Just make sure you show up with your own scissors or clippers to pick stems and a handheld shovel if you want tulip bulbs.

Additionally, the farm offers an array of different flowers and cute farm animals like horses, chicks, and donkeys.

Dewberry farm is situated in Kernersville, NC. The farm is less than 2 hours from both Raleigh and Charolette. Oh, and they are just 11 miles from Winston-Salem, which is a great day trip.

At the moment, you do need to pay an admission fee to visit Dewberry’s farms, which you should put purchase before you go. You can find Dewberry Farm tickets here. If you can’t see the tickets for sale yet, it is because they only put the ticket on sale once they have set dates.

After tulip season, they also participate in Sunflower picking during the summer!

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For more information, stay up to date with them on Facebook or Instagram.

Admission: $5 for Adults; $3 for children. It costs $1.25 per stem or $1.75 for the whole flower and bulb.

Dewberry Farm Address: 2585 Dewberry Farm Ln, Kernersville, NC 27284

Dewberry Farms Tulips in NC - pink tulips
Dewberry farm barn

Eno River Farm

Another lovely farm to enjoy tulip fields in NC is Eno River Farm. They opened in 2020 and plant a variety of colorful tulips that usually start sprouting out by Easter. There is no entrance fee to visit the farm, and they often host special events that include music and food trucks.

Oh, and they even have 6 beehives on sight, so you will be sure to see the bees at work pollinating the flowers.

Eno River Farm is known as a family place, so it’s a great outing during the weekend. During your visit, you will be given a bucket and scissors to cut your tulips.

They also offer the option to take the full bulb home with you. Additionally, Eno River Farm has 6 acres for strawberry picking during this time as well. Therefore, you can enjoy both tulips and strawberries all in one!

After you finish picking your tulips, you can enjoy a homemade ice cream or relax at their coffee shop.

The tulips cost $1 per stem, and they also sell vases on-site if you’d like to make your own bouquet.

Stay up to date with them on Facebook or Instagram.

Address: 2127 St Marys Rd, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Tulips close up in NC

Howard Family Farm

Another perfect place for seeing the Tulip fields is at Howard Family Farm. The tulip season at their farm is usually the end of March or the beginning of April. It costs $1 dollar a stem to Upick tulips.

Additionally, they usually have a small playground for children and bring in farm animals to take pictures with. Last year they had baby lambs, and this year they are looking to have baby alpacas.

Additionally, they have flowers all year and strawberry picking right after. After you enjoy wandering through the tulips and picking the perfect flowers to bring home, don’t forget to check out their fresh produce that is for sale.

Stay up to date with Howard Family Farm on Facebook or Instagram.

Address: 250 Crater Rd #9290, Harmony, NC 28634

Close- up tulips in NC

WRAL Azaela Garden

An under-the-radar place to see tulips is right in Downtown Raleigh! The WRAL Azaela garden is known for having stunning azaleas.

The best part about the azalea season is that it mixes with the tulip season, and this garden has tons of beautiful tulips to take photos of.

Because this is a garden and not a tulip farm, there is no picking allowed. Just enjoy their beauty in the garden. Additionally, this garden is totally free to visit!

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Address: 2619 Western Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27606

Azalea Tulips garden in Raleigh

The Biltmore Estate

Ok, so technically, the Biltmore Estate is not a farm in NC, but they do have an absolutely stunning tulip garden in the Spring. If you find yourself making it out to Asheville, definitely put the Biltmore Estate on your bucket list!

Did you know the Biltmore Estate is the largest privately owned home in the USA? So, as you can imagine, the grounds are lovely. Expect to see tons of azaleas just starting to bloom, daffodils, and more!

Furthermore, Asheville is one of the best stops on the Blue Ridge Parkway, with incredible mountain views.

Getting tickets in advance is important. You can get your tickets to the Biltmore right on their official Website. Tickets also include a wine tasting.

Asheville Biltmore Estate

When to Visit the Tulip Farms in NC

The best time to visit is during the Spring months. The tulips start to sprout at the end of March, and then they continue to bloom all Spring. Generally speaking, most farms in North Carolina will have tulips in bloom by Easter and end around the end of May. 

Keep in mind the tulip blooms in North Carolina are dependent on the weather. Late and early frosts can affect the yields and the blooms, so it is always best to check with the farm before you go. Either calling or messaging them on Facebook or Instagram should get you a response.

How to Get to Tulips Farms Around NC

The best way to get around to the tulip farms in North Carolina is by driving. North Carolina has public transportation, but it is not very extensive. So if you are visiting North Carolina on vacation, it is best to rent a car.

Pink and white tulips

Things to Know About Tulip Picking

Before going tulip picking, there are some things you should know before visiting the farm.

  • Make sure to wear sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty. The farms can be muddy.
  • Wear bug spray. This is a farm, after all.
  • Don’t swat at the bees or other bugs doing their thing. They are interested in the flowers, not you.
  • If you are allergic to bees, make sure to have your needed medication with you.
  • Wear sunscreen and bring a hat.
  • Don’t forget to wear something cute for photos with the tulips.
  • Have a pair of scissors or clippers, a small shovel, and a bucket with some water just in case the farm doesn’t supply it.
  • Have extra cash. Not all farms accept credit cards.
  • It is advised to pick tulips at the end of your visit so you can transfer them into a vase full of fresh water as soon as possible.
  • If you forget to bring a bucket with water, get a bunch of wet paper towels to wrap around the stem until you get home.
Red and white tulips

Fun Facts about Tulips

Now that you know the best farms to find tulips in NC, here are some fun facts to know about tulips before visiting.

  • Tulips are said to be the flower that shows the arrival of spring.
  • The color of a tulip represents a different meaning. Red tulips symbolize love, white symbolizes being apologetic, and yellow represents happiness.
  • Tulips are part of the lily family, making them related to onions, garlic, and asparagus.
  • Tulips are actually edible and were commonly used in food during the famine and World War II.
  • There are more than 3,000 different varieties of tulips.
  • The largest producer of tulips is the Netherlands.
  • The largest tulip farm is Keukenhof Gardens and the Lisse tulip fields. As you may have guessed, they are located near Amsterdam.
  • Tulips are perennial flowers. This means they come back every year.
  • If you plan to plant your tulips, make sure to do it in the fall and before the first freeze.
  • Blue is one of the only colors you can’t find in tulips.
  • Tulips like sandy soil.

Tulip Farms in NC Wrap-up

This concludes some of the best Tulip farms and fields to visit in NC. Remember to be respectful of the farms and follow all farm rules.

If you have any questions or think something is missing, please let us know in the comments below.

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Tulip farms in NC

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